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Rim Digest ezine is a newsletter delivered to opt-in subscribers and is geared toward home based businesses for both on and off the net. We offer helpful articles and tips, free software, ebooks and reports downloads plus fun and useful content along with some of the best advertising for your business opportunities, services, programs and products.

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I really love being the editor of Rim Digest ezine and hope you will find it of great benefit to you whether you are new to the web, a seasoned user or somewhere in between. It is hard to believe that we celebrated FIFTEEN years of publishing in February! I plan to continue as long as quality and informative publications are useful.

We have a very nice and helpful group of marketers and net users, ranging from the most "newborn" newbie to some really seasoned veterans. I, myself, fall somewhere in between there with 18 years PC experience and 17+ years of working and making money online.

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Email: rimdigest@usa.net
Phone: (636)-259-6920

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My favorite *job* besides doing my ezine is my office services and Virtual Assistance business. If you have a web site, write articles or reports, ebooks or print books, etc. remember me for your proof reading and / or editing needs as I love doing those and am highly qualified TO do this work. Come see my Office Services Site if I can be of any assistance to YOU. I started the Tallent Agency doing assorted office duties in June of 1998. The ever changing net world has evolved into this form of work being referred to as Virtual Assistance.

Blogging and Social Marketing are two of the most useful ways to connect with potential customers AND to keep up with what is going on in the world, both on and offline. I am a big fan of Twitter and invite you to "follow me" there and see what I am up to and who I connect with. And please go see MY BLOG as I learn and grow as we NEVER want to stop learning!

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