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Advertising with Rim Digest

Run ads in my ezine to some of the most responsive marketers and shoppers on the net. Plus ads IN the ezine are shown on the archives page!

Welcome 2014 Ads Special

The kids are probably home from school for their winter break. You know you need to devote time and advertising to your business.

Why not give yourself and your business the gift of some great advertising options and end this old year and start the brand new one coming up with an edge on your competitors?

If you purchase one or more SOLO ADS, I will archive them on the Issue Archives page absolutely FREE! Your solo will then be "up" for the world to see for the two to three years I keep the archived issues on the site!

You can mail your ad to me right from this page after ordering
or from the payment page.

My ad guidelines are as follows:

No hate, porn, adult, chain, gifting or scam ads will be accepted.
Ads must be in Plain Text ONLY.
This means no colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc.
other than the default for your email program.

Sponsor ads may be up to ten lines, 60 characters per line (includes spaces), plus url.

Featured ads may be no more than 5 lines, 60 characters wide per line, plus url.

Solo ads may be up to the length of a normal web page, 60 characters wide per line, plus url. These can be mailed on any day that I have not mailed the ezine issue out or any other solos.

Payment must be received before your ad can be run, and I will
publish your ad or ads as soon as possible.

Paid ad submitters will be subscribed to Rim Digest so as to be able to see your ad when it is sent out or runs in the ezine.

Please note the following No Refunds Policy

My advertisers generally report great responses to their ads from my subscribers, but just as there is no guarantee that your newspaper ad is going to generate a terrific reponse, or even one at all, we cannot guarantee your ad's success with our readers or anywhere else you choose to advertise.

Good, informative and interesting ads usually get a good response, though this can not always be the case. Please understand this before you pay for and book your ad.

I promise to RUN your ad to my subscriber base whether it is an "issue" ad or a solo sent out by itself. I promise to run it to the best of my ability and as close to the time schedule as is possible for when I tell you it will run. I cannot and DO NOT guarantee that you will get thousands, hundreds, ten or even ONE response. That is totally out of my hands. If you do not accept this statement, please do NOT order ads from Rim Digest.

By paying for and booking your ad(s) you are not eligible for a refund because you did not get the response you *hoped* for. I will ONLY refund for ads I did not manage to run or that were cancelled BEFORE they ran. There is a disgusting policy rearing its ugly head lately to run ads in as many ezines as possible and then AFTER they run asking for a refund or putting the payment in dispute and having the payment charged back to the ezine owner or ad service. This is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Please make sure you understand this before you pay for your ad! Your success and happiness are very important to me and I do everything in my power to make sure your ad is presentable, the link(s) work, etc. and that is the limit of my obligation as I see it.

Subscribe to my free ezine, the RIM Digest for Responsible Internet Marketers and receive advertising resources, software, tools, informative articles, fun tips and more FREE! Article submissions from my subscribers are welcomed. If you have not yet subscribed, please sign up at this link.

Please understand that there will be both inhouse and outside advertising in the newsletters you receive. This is how the publishers generate the income to be able to bring you the FREE publications.

I do have my own advertising and those from paid subscribers IN the issues.

Let's start with solo ads, which go out to the entire member base. Your solo goes out with YOUR subject and text, with my list disclaimer at the end of your ad (several spaces down except on really LONG ads) for only $100!

Solos can be run on ANY day I have not sent out the ezine issue or another solo. In the event of a cancellation, your ad can be moved up, so book ahead when you can to make sure your wait is no longer than necessary.

You may either send your ad along with payment, or send it to me via email: rimdigest@usa.net?subject=PaidAd

Here are some testimonials from my NUMBER ONE advertisers:

"Since our first report on our results with our ad in Rim Digest, we have even better results to report. We have a total of 10 sales from 234 unique clicks for a 4.3% conversion ratio and a net profit after the ad cost of $354.70. A solo ad in Rim Digest is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for internet marketing related products."
Stephen Pierce, The Whole Truth

I'm always on the prowl for low-cost ezine ads that generate a steady lead-flow.
I've found Rim Digest to not only keep my lead acquisition costs down, but the conversion ratio of lookers to buyers has been very high. What do you do Jan? Offer them $10,000.00 every 6 months for staying on your ezine ;0 Congratulations on a wonderful ezine, one of the few I actually read.
Brian Garvin, LightningTrack.com

I'd heard that Rim Digest was a good place to advertise and I was not only not disappointed but have never had a result like it. The replies to my solo started immediately it went out and are still coming in several days later!
Ann Leigh, allfromnothing.com

Jan, I just thought you should know that minutes after my solo ad went out, my email box was flooded with leads! It's easy to tell that you've created a tremendous bond with your readers because they actually do read the emails and respond. Thanks again.
Your friend and lifetime subscriber, James Scott, MakeALivingFromHome

Hello Jan, The solo ad that you ran in Rim for me has had absolutely 'awesome' results! Just 45 minutes after I received my copy, I checked my email and I had 5 sign-ups! After that, they just kept coming in day after day. So, now ask me if I recommend "Rim" for advertising ... I bet you heard me holler YES loud and clear all the way from Oklahoma! I can't thank you enough, you are the "sister of my heart" ;-)

Cheryl Dixon, Publisher of the Goal Mine Gazette

Jan, Thank you for running our Top Sponsor ad for the month! We had *FANTASTIC* results. We made almost DOUBLE back what the ad cost us. It was one of our best ad buys ever!
Kevin Bidwell from All-In-One-Business.com

By the way ... my SOLO with you was a GREAT success! I must say that you have one of the most "personable" personalities of all the people that I have dealings with on the net! Thanks for being YOU!
Colin, of Success on a Budget

Jan, the response I received as a result of your newsletter brought me both distributors and product sales very quickly! You have built a quality readership and it shows. Keep it up, Girl!
Marilynn S. of Spiritualsoap.com

Jan- As usual your subscribers responded in big numbers to our recent solo ad. Over 500 readers responded! It's a pleasure to deal with a great publication and editor. You always provide great service at a very reasonable cost.
John Dow from SureThingsProfits.com

The solo ad we ran in your e-zine pulled very well for us.
Roger at casinogamblers.com

I would recommend your solo advertising service to anyone!
Best Regards, Bryan Winters from pushbuttonpublishing.com

Wow Jan, Super Deal! I'll definitley be placing more advertising here in the future. Mike

I've been getting signups all weekend. Definitely good response from your readers!
Ed Gause from cynted.com

For ONE solo ad at $100, use this paypal button:

For an even better deal, try TWO solo ads for only $149!

For the very best bang for your buck, try the very popular 5 Solos for $300, making your solo ads only $60.00 each! If using paypal and/or your credit card, click below:

Then there is the top ad spot. It is the very first thing in my ezine, Rim Digest, once the welcome comes in! This is $50.00 per issue and can be up to TEN lines plus url, wrapped at 60 characters per line:

Or take a full 8 issues of the top ad for only $300!

If you want to run different ads, mix or match, in the Top Sponsor Section, it is $350.

The middle of the eZine has what is called a featured ad. This option is only $20.00 per issue and is five lines plus url, same guidelines for line length:

These are offered at six for $100, making the sixth one FREE!

My advertising package is a complete mix and match of all of the above. Get 2 solo ads, 4 feature ads and 2 top ads for $300!

You may either send your ad text along with payment, or send it to me via email: rimdigest@usa.net?subject=PaidAd

Contact details:

Jan Tallent


Rim Digest ezine, a Division of The Tallent Agency

St. Louis County, MO -USA

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If you have not yet subscribed, please sign up at this link.

Before you go, please bookmark my site.

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